Rare, tropical seeds of beautiful plants

Bananas and tea out of your garden?
Or cultivate a cola tree or special passion flower on your own?

Look no further. With the special seeds of Onsseeds, that’s now possible!

Easy, delivered worldwide and for a fair price. Also great as a gift!


Great selection

You’ll find hundreds of different species of seeds from the most unusual plants in the world in our webshop. From very rare to common, and from special flowers to delicious fruit. For outdoor and indoor, easy and difficult.

Don’t have green thumbs?

Try starting off with an easy species or give someone some special seeds as a gift. A packet of seeds can be quite an original gift for e.g. someone’s birthday.

A true plant lover?
We have some challenging species for you in our assortment. We regularly add rare species that are sometimes only temporarily available.
Actual range is even greater 
Are you on the lookout for a particular species, but you can’t find them in the store? Please feel free to send us an e-mail, because the actual range we offer is even greater. In fact we have great contacts within local populations worldwide, which is why we can offer an incredible amount of species.


Sander Onsman studied biology at Wageningen University, where he gained much knowledge of flora. He exploits this knowledge at Onsseeds to recognize the most extraordinary plants in the world and to offer the best quality. With his experience as a biology teacher, Sander can also provide lectures and classes on seeds.

Please have a look around in the shop or come along at one of the many garden & nature markets we visit regularly. An overview of these can be found under the tab “Markets”.

We hope we can excite you, because it’s really true: the world of plants is stunningly beautiful…!

Sander Onsman 
Owner of Onsseeds (Onszaden)

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