Momordica charantia

  • Momordica charantia
  • Momordica charantia
  • Momordica charantia

Common name:

Bittermelon / Bittergourd


Tropical Asia

Minimum temperature:

5 degrees Celsius (annual)


The Bittermelon is a climbing plant from tropical Asia which can be held as an annual plant in the garden. The plant can also be held for longer than a year if the temperature is kept above 5 degC. The fruits are green at first, but become yellow/orange when they ripen. When they have completely ripened, the fruits burst open and the beautiful red seeds become visible. As long as the fruits are green, they are edible. The juicy pulp of the fruit is whitish green like cucumber, and tastes bitter. The fruits are often used in the Asian cuisine, but can also be usd as an alternative for hops in the brewing of beer. To alleviate the bitter taste, the fruits can be soaked in salt water before they are cooked. In addition, the Bittermelon can be applied as a medicine for some types of diabetes.

Germination instructions:

Sow the seeds in spring in a sowingmix, and let them germinate at room temperature. Keep the soil constantly moist.

Sowing time:

February  - May

Level of difficulty:


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