Luffa cylindrica

  • Luffa cylindrica
  • Luffa cylindrica
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Common name:

Sponge gourd / Luffa

Origin: India                           


Minimum temperature:


With this plant it is possible to grow your own sponge. The young green fruits can be eaten fresh like cucumber, or can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable. However, if you keep the fruits attached to the plant or let them dry somewhere else, the fruits become light and can be used as a sponge. The fruits can grow up to 60 cm, and are among others used in Africa as a skincare product. The plant has its origin in India, grows fast, and can be kept as an annual plant in a cold greenhouse or at a sheltered, sunny place in the garden.

Sowing description:

Let the seeds soak for several hours in lukewarm water, and sow them in potting soil.

Sowing time:
November – June


Level of difficulty:


Expected processing time: 2 days
Reviews (1)
rating 4 (4 / 1 Reviews)

I Haasjes (20-04-2019) rating 4 Er zijn een paar zaadjes uitgekomen en ik kijk uit naar het resultaat van deze planten!

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