Musa cheesmani

  • Musa cheesmani
  • Musa cheesmani
per 5 seeds

Common name:

Cheesman banana


Assam, India 

Minimum temperature:

-10 degrees Celsius


The Cheesman banana is called after Ernest Cheesman, an English professor of botany who did a lot of research in the field of the banana. For examples discovered that bananas originating from Africa belong to the genus Ensete, whereas Asian bananas belong to the genus Musa. The Cheesman banana grows in the same areas as the Musa sikkimensis and can therefore also withstand low temperatures. At a sheltered place and packed in isolating material, the tree can be kept outside throughout the winter. The tree can grow up to 6 meter, grows fast en produces whitish green bananas of 10 cm big.

Germination instructions:

Sand the seeds with sanding paper and let them soak in lukewarm water for 48 hours. Thereafter the seeds can be sown in sowing mix. Keep the soil constantly moist by covering the soil with plastic foil or glass, and let them germinate in a warm spot. Germination can take some weeks or even months, and can occur as long as the seeds are hard.

Sowing time:

Whole year

Level of difficulty:


Expected processing time: 2 days
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