Adenanthera pavonina

  • Adenanthera pavonina
  • Adenanthera pavonina
per 10 seeds

Common name:
Red Lucky Seed


The beautiful bright red seeds symbolise love in China. They grow on a tropical tree which can also be kept as a houseplant. The pods are about 20 cm long, each containing 8-12 seeds. Fresh seeds are still poisonous and toxic. But when the seeds are cooked they are quite nutritious. In contrary to humans, birds can eat the seeds of the tree and spread the seeds in that way. In Asia the seeds are commonly used as beads for all kinds of jewellery.
Germination instructions:
Try to scarify the seeds with a nail clipper. Then soak the seeds in water for 24 hours and sow them afterwards in sowing soil. Keep the soil constantly moist and germinate the seeds at 25 degrees Celsius.  

Sowing time:
All year

Photo: Forest and Kim Starr

Expected processing time: 2 days
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