Anigozanthos manglesii

  • Anigozanthos manglesii
  • Anigozanthos manglesii
per 20 seeds

Common name:
Red-green kangaroo paw

Southwestern Australia


This is the most famous and most beautiful species of the kangaroo paw family. The flowers have a bright red base, green paws and stand on long pedicels which are sometimes more than a meter long. By its beautiful appearance, but also the great amount of flowers per plant, this species is sometimes offered as a cut flower. The species are represented in the coat of arms of Western Australia and can also be kept as a pot plant. Move the plant inside in a temperate climate when the temperature falls toward 5 degrees Celsius. The plant likes a sandy soil and lots of sun.

Germination instructions:
Sow seeds in a mix of sowing mix and sand (50-50). Slightly cover them and keep soil constantly moist. Germination occurs on a warm and sunny spot.

Sowing time:
All year round

Expected processing time: 2 days
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