Annona conica

  • Annona conica
  • Annona conica
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This very rare Annona species is on the red list, because its original habitat in Ecuador is slowly disappearing. The species occurs in the northwest of Ecuador, where it grows along rivers in drier forests. It’s a small tree or shrub/bush that can grow up to 5 meters in nature. The plant produces white-yellow flowers which are followed by yellow, edible fruits in the shape of long cones. The fruits are about 12 cm tall and have soft, white flesh. The plant can also be kept as a houseplant, which still enables the plant to fruit!

Germination instructions:
First soak seeds 12 hours in lukewarm water. Sow them in sowing mix and keep the soil constantly moist. Let them germinate around 25 degC.

Sowing time:
All year round

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