Annona squamosa

  • Annona squamosa
  • Annona squamosa
per 10 seeds

Common name:
Sugar apple / Sweetsop

Tropical part of South America


The sugar apple or sweetsop is a tree from tropical America and reaches a maximum height of 6 meters. The fruit looks very scaly and almost falls apart when the fruit is completely ripe. The fruit flesh is white, very soft and tastes sweet. The texture is a bit like yoghurt. Worldwide, the fruit is grown in the tropics. In temperate climates, the plant can be kept as a container- or houseplant at a minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. In a large pot, combined with some heat, you should be able to make the plant bloom, so you can reap the sweetsops later.

Germination instructions:
First soak seeds 24 hours in lukewarm water. Sow them in sowing mix and keep the soil constantly moist. Let them germinate at 25-30 degC.

Sowing time:
All year round

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Expected processing time: 2 days
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