Arbutus unedo

  • Arbutus unedo
  • Arbutus unedo
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Common name:
Strawberry tree

Mediterranean region


The strawberry tree doesn’t produce real strawberries, but strawberry-like fruits. The fruits’ colour fade from yellow to reddish brown, they are about 2 cm wide and taste slightly sour. Around the Mediterranean Sea, these fruits are often used for wines and liquors, but also for making jam. De bush/shrub or small tree has a maximum height of 3 meters and is fully hardy. Because of its late bloom, a sheltered spot in the garden is recommended. This species is used to dry summers, and thus loves a sunny spot.
Germination instructions:

Sow seeds in sowing mix and let them rest 4-8 weeks in the refrigerator. After this cold period, set them at room temperature, which breaks the dormancy of most seeds. Germination occurs irregularly. If the germination doesn’t occur, you can put the seeds back into the refrigerator for the same period and start over.

Sowing time:
December - July

Photo 2: J.X. Andreani (CCA-2.0 Wikipedia)

Expected processing time: 2 days
Reviews (1)
rating 5 (5 / 1 Reviews)

Remco Knijpstra (11-04-2018) rating 5 De zaden 7 weken in zaai en stekgrond buiten gezet in de winter. Na de 7 weken binnen gezet in een koude kweekkast in de vensterbank waar het veel zon zou krijgen. Na enkele dagen kwamen er al zo'n 5 op.

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