Asimina triloba

  • Asimina triloba
  • Asimina triloba
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Common name:

North America


The pawpaw is family of the sweetsop and churimuya (Annonaceae) and the only genus that does not originate from the tropics, but from North America. That’s why the species is winter-hardy and proves to be a nice addition to the garden. The word pawpaw is probably derived from the word papaya, because the fruits look alike. However, the fruit flesh of the pawpaw is white and tastes like banana or mango. The fruits can weigh up to 500 grams and are rich in protein and vitamins. In nature, the flowers are pollinated by bugs and flies. Cross-pollination is necessary to get fruits, which is why u should grow several plants in the vicinity of each other in order to achieve that. Because the flowers emit only a slight odour, there may be a lack of insects. In that case, you will have to pollinate the flowers yourself manually. A place in semi-shadow should suffice; it’s an easy species to keep.

Germination instructions:

First, place the seeds for 3 to 4 months in the refrigerator. Then, sow in sowing mix at room temperature. Germination can take a several months. Keep the soil constantly moist at all times.

Sowing time:
September - April

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