Bauhinia tomentosa

  • Bauhinia tomentosa
  • Bauhinia tomentosa
per 5 seeds

Common name:
Yellow Bauhinia

Southern Africa


The yellow orchid tree is a tropical brush from the southern part of the African continent and has beautiful, bright yellow flowers. The flowers attract a lot of butterflies and bees and have a black heart. It’s a fast climber that can be kept as a container plant. However, young plants should still be protected, but older plants can withstand light frost. Provide a sheltered, sunny spot.

Germination instructions:
First soak the seeds for 24 hours in water. Sow them in sowing mix at a temperature of 20-25 degC. Keep the soil constantly moist.

Sowing time:
All year round

Photo 2: Recregarden via blog

Expected processing time: 2 days
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