Camptotheca acuminata

  • Camptotheca acuminata
  • Camptotheca acuminata
per 10 seeds

Common name:
Happy tree / Tree of Life

China and Tibet

The Tree of Life, which is sometimes also referred to as the Happy Tree, originates from China and Tibet. However, the natural population has been reduced to less than 4.000 trees, because the tree plays an important role in traditional and contemporary medicine. The trunk, bark and leaves each contain campotothecin, and have been used for ages to treat various kinds of cancer and other ailments. It’s not clear if this substance really works as a medicine against cancer, but research is still in progress. Because of its medical applications, people in China and Tibet are convinced that the plant makes people happy, hence the nickname.

It’s a tropical tree, which is why it can’t be placed outside in a more colder climate. As a houseplant, it’s an ideal species with beautiful leaves which should be kept for its remarkable story. The minimum temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius. Provide a bright spot.

Germination instructions:
Sow seeds in sowing mix and let them germinate at 20-25 degC. Keep the soil constantly moist.

Sowing time:
All year round

Photo 2: Daderot (CCA-1.0 Wikipedia)

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