Coccoloba uvifera

  • Coccoloba uvifera
  • Coccoloba uvifera
per 10 seeds

Common name:



The seagrape originally grew along the coast of the Caribbean and is resistant to salt and wind because of its rugged, leathery leaves (25 cm). The 2 cm wide fruits grow in clusters, like a true grape, and turn red when ripe. They taste sour and can be eaten fresh, but, for example, also be processed ​​into jam, juice or wine. The species can also be kept as a houseplant and is easy to take care off. You just have to provide a bright spot and some sun. 

Germination instructions:
First soak the seeds in water for 48 hours. Then sow them in sowing mix and let them germinate at 25 to 30 degC. Keep the soil constantly moist. 

Sowing time:
All year round

Photo 1: Hans Hillewaert (CCA-3.0 Wikipedia)

Expected processing time: 2 days
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