A short impression of the company

Onsseeds was established in 2007 by Sander Onsman (he was a biology student at Wageningen University back then) after years of fascination for the world of tropical plants. It quickly became a popular place for individuals and companies who were looking for something special, something that only a few people have ever seen.

From school classes and plant enthusiasts to the Hortus of Leiden and the University of Groningen: the customer base became very versatile and dynamic, just like the product range that has grown to a few hundreds of rare species. Our assortment is constantly improving and expanding. However it is still only a very small selection of the amount of interesting species in nature over the world!


All species are imported from lots of countries across Asia, Africa and South America where local cultivators and collectors are passionate about seeds. Virtually the whole tropical region of the world has been reached. As a result our selection is very diverse. From the red mangrove from South America to the cola tree from Africa and the Amorphophallus from Asia: seeds from all over the world are available at Onsseeds.

The stock is always kept as small as possible to ensure freshness. In the end seeds are living material and therefore often don’t stay well for a long time. You could say seeds have an expiration date of their own.

We try to deliver all species within two days, but some species may come with a longer delivery time due to their short period of freshness. The delivery times are specified per species in the online shop.

We have taken part in a lot of markets in the Netherlands and Belgium for the last couple of years. For example we often have a booth at the Pure Market in Amsterdam ( and in the spring we attend various garden & plant markets.

At these markets we sell plant seeds and often offer a special selection of decorative seeds, including the very special sea hearts(Entada gigas).

Seeds are organic, which is why we take the possible spread of invasive species into account. With the ecological knowledge of Sander, we can prevent ourselves from contributing to the distribution of species in places where they are not wanted. If you’re planning to plant tropical seeds somewhere in the tropics, we’d love to give you advise on which species are or aren’t suitable.

Sander is also a biology teacher, which is why he can provide education for children, but also give lectures on tropical plants and seeds. For questions or information, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

If you are interested in our work, besides our selection of seeds, please feel free to send us an e-mail as well!

Sander at the office of Onsseeds 

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