Cyathea brownii

  • Cyathea brownii
per portion of spores

Common name:
Norfolk tree fern



This is the largest tree fern in the entire world, which can reach a height of 20 meters and produces leaves that are about 5 meters long. Originally, this species grew on Norfolk, an island between New Zealand and Australia, in the moisty subtropical forests. The temperature lies between 17 up to 23 degrees Celsius the entire year, and it also rains a lot out there.

The species can be kept as a container plant in a shady spot. It withstands light frost, but has to be watered regularly. 

Germination instructions:

Do not cover the spores and scatter them in sowing mix in a warm and moisty environment. The temperature has to attain at 20-25 degrees Celsius, and the soil mustn’t dry out. Germination usually occurs within three months, but it can sometimes take a little while longer. Water the seeds regularly to stimulate germination. 

Sowing time:
All year round

Expected processing time: 2 months
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