Cyathea cooperi

  • Cyathea cooperi
per portion of spores

Common name:
Australian tree fern



The Australian tree fern is one of the most winter-hardy tree ferns out there. In its original habitat in New South Wales and Queensland, the species can become up to 15 meters high. But in a temperate climate, it usually quits growing after a couple of meters. A lot of frost can kill the leaves, but the trunk can withstand low temperatures and will continue to grow after winter has ended. However, it is highly recommended to wrap in the tree with foil or cloth when the temperature is decreasing towards -10 degrees Celsius, this to avoid damage. Provide a shady spot.

Germination instructions:

Do not cover the spores and scatter them in sowing mix in a warm and moisty environment. The temperature has to attain at around 25 degrees Celsius, and the soil mustn’t dry out. Germination usually occurs within three months, but it can sometimes take a little while longer. Water the seeds regularly to stimulate germination. 

Sowing time:
All year round

Expected processing time: 2 days
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