Dicksonia fibrosa

  • Dicksonia fibrosa
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Common name:
Golden tree fern / Wheki ponga tree fern

New Zealand


The Wheki Ponga tree fern or golden tree fern is smaller than the related Tasmanian tree fern and therefore better suited for smaller gardens. The leaf is about 2 meters long, the height is at our about 2 or 3 meters, and the false stem of this species is wider and golden brown in colour. Originally, this tree fern grew in the humid forests of New Zealand to a height of 1.000m and can withstand up to five degrees below freezing unprotected through the winter. If a longer period of frost or low temperatures occurs, you can wrap the trunk of the plant thoroughly with jute, cloth or something else insulating. The leaves will die in the winter and nod along the stem down for added protection. Provide a shady location and water the plant regularly. Young plants are best moved indoors during winter.

Germination instructions:

The spores can be sown in sowing mix. The soil should be sterilized in advance against molds: pour boiling water for this purpose over the entire surface. Sprinkle the spores spread over the surface of the ground and cover the container with plastic foil. Move to a bright spot in the house and occasionally sprinkle some rainwater on it. After several months to a year, the first ferns start growing.

Sowing time:
All year round

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