Leonotis leonurus 'alba'

  • Leonotis leonurus 'alba'
  • Leonotis leonurus 'alba'
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Common name

White lion’s tail / Wild dagga / Wild cannabis (white variety)


South Africa

Minimum temperature

5 degC


This is a rare, white variety of the lion’s tail, that normally produces orange flowers. Otherwise there are no differences. The lion’s tail is also called wild dabba or wild cannabis, because smoking of the leaves and flowers has the same calming effect (but to a lesser extend). The leaves can also be used to make a calming tea, and they are well-known in traditional medicine. It is a shrubby plant from South Africa that can reach a height of maximum 2 meters, and produces beautiful orange flowers. In nature the flowers are pollinated by birds and also attract a lot of bees and butterflies with its nectar. In temperate climates, the species can be kept as an annual, or as a perennial container plant at a minimum of 5 degC in winter. The plant prefers a sunny stand.

Sowing description:

Sow the seeds superficially at 20-25 degC. Keep the soil constantly moist and let the seeds germinate in a bright spot.

Sowing time:

Whole year

Level of difficulty:


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