Macadamia integrifolia

  • Macadamia integrifolia
  • Macadamia integrifolia
  • Macadamia integrifolia
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Common name



Queensland, Australia

Minimum temperature

0 degC


Roasted macadamia nuts are often found in shops and are considered to be one of the most tasteful, but also most expensive nuts. The macadamia tree grows originally in Queensland, Australia, but nowadays in many tropical areas all over the world. The nuts are very rich in healthy Omega-7 fatty acids (22%), and relatively few proteins. The first fruits of a tree can be produced after about 5 years. In temperate climates the macadamia can be kept as a container plant, where younger plants should be kept at a minimum of 10 degC, and older plants at a minimum of 0 degC. The plant can be pruned, and prefers a sunny stand.

Sowing description:

The outer layer of the seeds can carefully be cracked with a hammer, after which the seeds can be soaked in lukewarm water for 24 hours. Seeds that sink can be sown. Floating seeds need to be cracked more, or may not be able to germinate. Sow the seeds in sowing mix, keep the soil constantly moist and cover with plastic foil or glass. Let the seeds germinate in a warm spot. Germination can occur after a few weeks or months.

Sowing time:

Whole year

Level of difficulty:


Expected processing time: 2 days
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