Mucuna sempervirens

  • Mucuna sempervirens
  • Mucuna sempervirens
per 2 seeds

Common name

Velvet bean



Minimum temperature

5 degC


The velvet bean is a climbing plant that grows up to 25 meters high by climbing in other trees. The purple/yellow flowers are magnificent and hang down in large trusses up to 35 cm directly from the stem. After flowering large pods up to 30 cm start to appear.

In temperate climates the velvet been can be grown indoors or in a heated greenhouse, but also as an annual in a cold greenhouse at a minimum of 5 to 10 degC. By pruning the plant and navigating it for example along a rope or rack, the size can be controlled.

Sowing description:

Sand the seeds with sanding paper or carefully notch the outer layer (without harming the endosperm) and let the seeds soak for 24 hours in lukewarm water. Sow the seeds in sowing mix, keep the soil constantly moist and cover it wit plastic foil or glass. Let the seeds germinate at a warm spot inside the house.

Sowing time:

Whole year

Level of difficulty:


Expected processing time: 2 days
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