Rhodoleia championii

  • Rhodoleia championii
  • Rhodoleia championii
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Common name

Hong Kong rose



Minimum temperature

-15 degC


The Hong Kong rose is nowadays rarely seen in nature, but it is a beautiful hardy species and has its origins in China. The elegant pink flowers resemble the flowers of a rose or Rhodondendron, but aren’t in the same family. The flowers are pollinated by birds. In nature the Hong Kong rose grows into a tree of maximum 30 meters, but usually stays smaller. The tree is green during the winter, is suitable for pruning, and is a very special acquisition for the garden.

Sowing description:

Sow the seeds superficially in sowing mix, and put them away for 2-3 months in the fridge. Keep the soil constantly moist during this period. After the cold period, let the seeds germinate at 20-25 degC at a light stand.

Sowing time:

November – may

Level of difficulty:


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