Sow an unusual plant

On our webshop you can find hundreds of species of seeds from the  most unique plants in the world. By growing these seeds yourself you can discover in a fun way how these species grow from seedling to plant. 

There are seeds that germinate easy for beginners and more challenging species for the real diehards. 
Take a go with an easy species and if that works, then you can maybe try a more difficult species!

Sowing tips
Sowing should mostly be done inside in a warm place or in a small green house. This can also be a small pot covered in plastic foil that you place in the sun. 

Every species has its own sowing manual. Here you can also find some species specif tips. For most species sowing ground should be used for optimal circumstances for the young plant's roots. You can also soak most seeds in water for a day to soften the seed so that the roots can come through more easily. It's also very important for the ground to be humid constantly. You can achieve this by covering the seeds with plastic foil if you don't have a mini green house.

You've sown you seeds, what now?
After sowing you should firstly have some patience and wait unfortunately. Some species will sprout after a few days already, but other species will need a few weeks. Some even need a few months, but this information will be on the species specific page. As long as the seeds are whole and intact, sprouting could still follow.
If nothing has happened for quite a while, you could try and dig the seeds up to see if they are still viable.  

They have sprouted!
This is always a great moment, because you've just created a new plant life! Don't cover the young plants any more and let them develop in a place with enough light. If they're a few centimeters large, most species seedlings can be placed over to their own pot. Give them enough space depending on how much space their roots take in. 

From seedling to a grown plant
Based on the minimum temperature and your weather circumstances, you can see if the plant is for inside or outside. For example plants that have a minimum temperature of -20 will survive in a garden which can get cold in the winter. In the Netherlands about everything with a minimum temperature of 15 degrees will do better as a room plant, because they won't survive outside. You can also find information on the page if the plant needs a lot of sun, half sun or a more shadowy place. If you want to place the plant outside, wait until it is big enough to handle the weather. 

By all means it is fascinating to see a special plant develop from seed to a fully grown plant. Sometimes it takes a bit more patience and other times it goes much faster than expected. But it will always be an interesting adventure with these seeds! Before you know it, you will have a small tropical forest in your house or garden.