Typhonium venosum

  • Typhonium venosum
  • Typhonium venosum
  • Typhonium venosum
per 5 seeds

Common name

Voodoo-lily / Voodoo bulb



Minimum temperature

10 degC


The voodoo-lily is a bizarre flower from India, that is also known under the Latin name Sauromatum venosum. The plant grows from a bulb that increases in size every year, and needs to be hibernated in a cool spot (about 10 degC). In spring the bulb can be planted in the garden, and needs to be digged up in autumn. It is also possible to keep the bulb in a pot during the whole year. The plant is known as the Voodoo bulb because of its ability to flower without soil or water. The flower is spotted brown and yellow, and smells unpleasant in order to attract insects for pollination.

Sowing description:

Sow the seeds in sowing mix and let them germinate in a warm spot indoors. Keep the soil constantly moist.

Sowing time:

Whole year

Level of difficulty:


Expected processing time: 2 days
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