Adansonia madagascariensis

  • Adansonia madagascariensis
  • Adansonia madagascariensis
per 5 seeds

Common name:
Madagascar baobab



The Madagascar baobab reaches a height of 20 meters in nature and has a smooth, brown-grey trunk and bright red flowers. The plant can be cultivated outside in a warm climate, or inside in a colder climate as a bonsai or houseplant. The plant needs to be in a sunny spot, well-drained ground en shouldn’t be watered a lot during its hibernation in winter.

Germination instructions:
Soak seeds for 4 hours in lukewarm water. Sow them in sowing mix and keep the temperature between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. Keep the soil moist constantly.

Sowing time:
All year round

Photo: Forest and Kim Starr

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