Capparis spinosa

  • Capparis spinosa
  • Capparis spinosa
  • Capparis spinosa
per 10 seeds

Common name:
Caper bush



The caper bush is a beautiful plant from the Mediterranean region which stays small by nature, and is very suitable as container plant at a minimum temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. We know the capers from among others the Italian kitchen where they are used in fish dishes and as topping for pizza’s. The unopened flower buds of this plant are usually pickled in vinegar or salt. If you leave the capers where they are, they will open up into beautiful flowers with white sepals and white-pink stamens. If you do not want to miss seeing these flowers, it’s recommended not to harvest the flower buds. In addition, the berries that follow are also edible. Blooming can occur during the first year, if you provide a sunny spot for the plant and let it grow in some sandy soil.

Germination instructions:
First put the seeds in the fridge for 8 weeks. Then sow them in sowing mix at 20-25 degC. Keep the soil constantly moist. The germination occurs irregularly.

Sowing time:
November - May

Photo 1: C.T. Johansson (CCA-3.0 Wikipedia) 

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