Desmodium gyrans

  • Desmodium gyrans
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Common name:
Telegraph plant

Tropical Asia


The leaves of the telegraph plant move as antennas for the most optimal position to receive light. This happens so quickly, that it is visible to the naked eye. Besides two other species such as the Venus flytrap, this is a third plant species that has the unusual ability to make quick movements. The plant also moves to sound waves of music, which is why the species is also called “the dancing plant”.

The intensity of the light is constantly measured by the two small leaves at the base and allow the larger leaf to know in which position it can receive the most light. This takes a lot of energy, but the efficient photosynthesis seems to deliver this.

The plant remains rather small and can grow on a place in semi-shade at a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius. Make sure the pot is always in a saucer of water so that the soil does not dry out.

Germination instructions:
First soak the seeds in lukewarm water for 48 hours. Then sow them in sowing mix and let them germinate at around 25 degC. Keep the soil constantly moist. 

Sowing time:
All year round

Expected processing time: 2 days
Reviews (3)
rating 5 (4.3 / 3 Reviews)

Jasper (21-02-2019) rating 4 Ik heb vijf zaden 48 uur in water geweekt en nu is 1 zaadje ontkiemd. Ik verwacht dat de ander 4 niets meer gaan doen. Het plantje staat er al mooi bij.

Angela (17-05-2018) rating 4 Allemaal gezaaid maar helaas maar 1 uitgekomen overigens groeit deze super goed en mooi

Tim (12-10-2014) rating 5 Ik heb 2 v/d 5 gezaaid en daarvan is er één gekiemd. Nu is het een plantje van 5 cm met vier echte blaadjes die overdag naar het licht wijzen en s'nachts recht naar beneden hangen. Een erg leuke plant om een keer te proberen.

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