Olea europaea

  • Olea europaea
  • Olea europaea
  • Olea europaea
per 10 seeds

Common name:
European olive

Eastern part of the Mediterean Sea

Minimum temperature:
-10 degree Celcius

The European olive is mainly grown in areas around the Mediterranean Sea, where 90% of the yield is processed as olive oil. The other 10% is mainly used for direct human consumption. It is estimated that olives are grown at least 5000-6000 years, starting in Syria and Palestine. Olive trees can grow to a height of maximum 15 meters, but stay smaller most of the time.
Also in more temperate climates, olive trees can be grown. However, it is important to put them in a sheltered and sunny stand, with well-drained soil. Young plants can best be protected against frost during the winter. Olives can be harvested when the fruits are a greenish purple.
Germination instructions
Let the seeds soak in lukewarm water for 48 hours, and then sow them in sowing mix. Keep the soil constantly moist by covering the soil with plastic foil or glass, and let them germinate indoors at a warm spot

Sowing time:
Whole year

Level of difficulty:

Expected processing time: 2 days
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